Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fresh Out of Title Ideas?

Every author has a working title for their manuscript. When that manuscript is sold to a publisher, oftentimes the publisher will choose the title for the book...which may or may not be what the author originally called it. For instance, my latest release, A HEART DECEIVED, had the working title of FALLACY. 

So honestly, there's no need to obsess over choosing the "right" title for your Pulitzer Prize material. In fact, why not have a little fun with it? Here are 3 title generating sites that are a safer alternative to a playground on a snowy, cold day...unless you really like sticking your tongue to a frozen pole.

At this site, you're prompted to enter 10 different words, like nouns, adjectives, yada, yada. Then simply click on Title Me and voila. It generates 10 different titles using combinations of the words you chose. 

This generator is even simpler. You just click on Give Me Some Titles and bam. 6 titles instantly stare you in the face. Don't like any of them? Click away, little slugmuggins, as many times as you'd like.

You've got a few genre choices here. You can go totally random or pick from romance or science fiction.


chaplaindebbie said...

Makes me wonder how many of the books I've read had a different title, that the author chose at the beginning.

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