Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tidbit: Facts

Writers don't always write what they know. If they did, it'd be a pretty short book. Not that writers are drooling idiots, mind you. It's just that so many details go into the making of a good story, that it's impossible to be that trivially intelligent. Yes, even I am not that smart.

How about you? I'll put into question form the facts I needed to find out to make my recent story believable. See how many you can answer.

What baseball team plays in Kansas City?
The Royals

What head gear would a SWAT officer wear?
This differs depending upon the situation, balancing protection with freedom of movement. For mine--a shooting in a cemetery--they went in with black masks to blend in with the darkness since it was at night. They also have a little microphone thingee to be able to talk with each team member. Interested? Find out more here.

What are those shoes called with the strap going over the top of the foot?
Mary Janes

Who is a Mexican Drug Cartel kingpin?
Wow. These guys are bad news. I probably shouldn't have Google imaged them before looking for actual information. Yeah. That decapitation scene is going to stick with me for a VERY long time. Anyway, there are a few of them, but I went with El Chapo, meaning shortie. Don't let the name fool you. This dude was the one responsible for that bloody carnage I viewed online.

Do azaleas bloom in Ocala, Florida at the end of May?
no...they usually bloom from February to early April

What was the last year Ford manufactured a Pinto?

How do you say fern in French?
Can aphids survive the Florida heat?

What is the Canadian version of our DEA?
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (yes, the mounties), also known as the RCMP has an "E" Division that includes a drug enforcement branch.

Well, how did you do? Would you have had to look those tidbits up?


Susan P said...

I knew two of those. And I'm proud of that. And NO, I don't plan on looking up "drug cartel" on google, thanks for the advice. :)

Michelle Griep said...

High-five Susan! You were smarter than me!

chaplaindebbie said...

I knew 3 of them. Makes sense that a writer would need help with certain facts....and here I thought that you writers knew EVERYTHING. Thanks for setting the record straight, now I don't have to feel so dumb whenever I read a book and think to myself "Wow, so much info, how does so-and-so know so much?" *wink wink*

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