Monday, May 16, 2016

England, Round 2

Historical curiosities at the
Victoria & Albert Museum:
Eye Miniatures were all the rage from
1790-1810. Most were tiny and made
into brooches.
Tired of the hum-drum? Sick of the workaday world? Want to go to England with me vicariously? Then read on . . .

I spent the weekend in London, but, well, I didn't do the usual touristy things. Here are a few random pix and thoughts.

No traditional inns or hotels for me. Hubby and I stayed at an Air BnB in Tooting (the southern part of London). Air BnBs are like staying with friends. You rent a room from someone who owns the house. That can mean you're sharing everything, like the bathroom, or nothing, like the whole place is yours. Super cheap way to travel and meet people.

Not that I have anything against Wisconsin cheese, but dude!
This is some serious cheesy deliciousness. Neal's Yard Dairy
makes some freaking awesome cheese.

A big high-five to all the men of London for your beautiful taste in clothing -- and an extra fist-bump for your shoes. You guys know how shop. American men: take note.

So many languages. So many selfie-sticks. 'Nuff said.

Umm . . . hello, London Underground? Here's a thought . . . how about you make the hand rails on the escalators travel at the SAME speed as the passengers feet are traveling?

I always thought gibbetting was a means of
execution. Not so, Hoss. First a pirate was
hung and then put into the iron cage to be hung
as a warning to other pirates. Huh.

Americans are easy to spot here. They're the ones looking the wrong way while crossing the street and narrowly missing getting squashed like a bug.

Love, love, love the smell of curry on the air.

That'll do it for London. Next stop: Exmoor. Stay tuned.
The Charles Dickens household kept a
hedgehog in the kitchen to help keep down
the bug/insect population.


Southern-fried Fiction said...

I LOVE the small non-touristy things you find and do!

chappydebbie said...

What fun! Thanks for the visual tour so far...looking forward to seeing more!

Medieval Girl said...

Yeah, I can attest, we have a LOT of differnt types of cheese in Britain. Leicester, Gloucester, Cheddar, Wensleydale you name it. Delicious stuff. Hey, we have good cows and goats......and plenty for them to eat.

Caryl Kane said...

Off the beaten path is the way to go! Fantastic virtual tour!

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