Monday, May 30, 2016

England: Whitby

It's my last week here in England but certainly not my least. This weekend I hung out in Whitby with a bajillion other people. Apparently it's the place to go. Don't worry . . . I brought you along too. Here's a shot of the narrow lanes.

A super cute bookstore . . .

The Whitby Bookshop
A street performer . . .

But what Whitby is really known for is the ruined abbey at the top of the town.

This was Bram Stoker's inspiration for Dracula. There are 199 steps leading up to it. Yes, I counted. But that wasn't enough exercise to burn off the fish and chips I ate for lunch (another thing Whitby is famous for). So I toodled over to Robin Hood's Bay via bus.

Then hiked 7 miles of coastline back to Whitby. It took a little over 3 hours. The sun even came out for a little while.

But by the time I made it back, the sun was just about setting, the mist was rising, and I think I saw a ship coming in that might've had a black dog leap from the deck.


Gail Helgeson said...

So beautiful. I am counting the days. So glad you are having a lovely time. Who wouldn't--it's England! By the way, great place to be for a birthday celebration! Happy day to you.

chappydebbie said...

England is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your trip with us....if we can't be there, it's nice to see it through your eyes. Stay safe.

Michelle griep said...

Hey gang sorry about the spotty posts, but I currently have spotty wifi. Hope to be back online tomorrow!

chappydebbie said...

No worries! Worth waiting for.

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