Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Intersection of Life and Writing

As much fun as it is to live in my fictional world, life often jumps in and pulls me away from it.Such is the case this week. My family and I have been New Years partying all week with another writer buddy's family in Iowa. It's been a fantastic time, and I'm on my way home now, but guess how many words I accomplished on my wip. Yep.


So how to deal with the lurking feeling of dang-I-haven't-gained-any-ground-word-wise on the ol' manuscript? Simply put...get over it.

If life doesn't take priority over fiction, real people trump the fake voices in your head, then not only will your writing suffer, but your relationships will as well. Your story world isn't going anywhere. It'll be there when you get back, unlike the important people in your life who can and will withdraw if you're not really 'with' them when you're with them. Savvy?

So next time life intersects with your writing, choose life. Next time you sit down to write, you'll likely find your characters will be all the richer for it.
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