Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 Types of Rough Drafts

post by Michelle Griep
Last week I finished a rough draft of my newest novel. You think you know what I mean, right? Well, apparently not, Hoss. What a rough draft means to me might mean something totally different to you, and sure as heck is not the same as what Great Aunt Martha thinks it is. So today we're going to do some defining . . .

5 Types of Rough Drafts

Word Vomit
Sorry for the visual. Think of this one as stream of consciousness type of writing. An amplified version. A type-anything-and-everything-because-hot-dang-something-might-be-great-in-this-mess kind of mindset.

Tighty Whitey
Bare bones. Tight writing. So tight, in fact, that there's lots of white space because this is only the essence of a story. There will have to be lots of additional information added.

Practically Perfect
This puppy takes a long time to write because plot flow, words, and characters are well thought out, not just slapped down willy-nilly. Sure, there will be a few nits to comb out, but overall this rough draft is about as rough as a baby's behind.

Some writers pen only dialogue on their first pass of a book. They simply put their characters on stage and let them talk. Settings and character descriptions will be added in later.

Outline on Steroids
This is the opposite of the screenplay approach. Basically it's a this-happens-then-that-happens live-action play for the entire story.

As for me, I'm of the Practically Perfect persuasion, and not just because it's fun to say. I'm just a little OCD that way.


Michelle Weidenbenner said...

Hi Michelle - Can I use this in a presentation with a shout about you and a link to your page here? You're so funny. I have to talk to writers down in Florida in March and I'd like to talk about rough drafts and writing a novel in 30 days. I never thought about the SCREENPLAY version, but I write this way when I'm trying to get the dialogue right and then go back and fill in the beats. But I think I'm all of these above at different times. I'm totally random, as usual. I hope you're well and thanks for your fun little quips here. I really enjoy them although I don't always stop to tell you that.

Michelle Griep said...

It's all yours, babe. Go for it! And good luck. Maybe wear a helmet.

chappydebbie said...

Does this mean that you are close to publication or are there many edits and rewrites to be had? Waiting patiently.

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