Friday, December 18, 2015

So Many Blogs, So Little Time

post by Michelle Griep
As if finding time to read a book isn't battle enough, how is one to shoehorn in a few minutes to read favorite blogs? And who even knows what a shoehorn is nowadays?

But that's where I find myself, shoehorning, that is. And since misery loves company, I'll share my favorite blogs with you so that you can try to cram a few more blogs to read into your crazy schedule.

Blog and Mablog
Author Doug Wilson is the king of snark. Not only that, he's a freaking genius. This man's brain ought to be showcased beneath of glass dome for all to marvel at . . . after he's dead, of course. I love the variety on this blog. Sometimes he's hard hitting at theology, other days at politics, and sometimes just does a book review. But he's always, always, entertaining and educational.

Interested in current trends and news in the publishing world? This is the site for you. Their information ranges from new book deals to fun infographics pertaining to books and reading.

Seth Godin
I think that perhaps in a former life Seth was a cheerleader. This dude rocks when it comes to encouraging you to follow your dreams. He's got a lot of insight into marketing and time management as well.

Terrible Minds
This is my guilty pleasure. Be forewarned: if profanity annoys, angers, or makes you feel dirty inside and out, this is NOT the site for you. The author, Chuck Wendig, mainly talks about writing in ways that are outside-the-box and hilarious.

Reading History
Okay, so technically this isn't a blog, but it's a community for those that love reading and writing history. It's got new posts every day by many people. You just click on the link.

There you have it. I suppose this could qualify as a Best Of List for 2015. What's on your list? What are some of your favorite blogs? Feel free to share in the comment section and spread the love.


chappydebbie said...

Cross and Cutlass...Writer Off The Leash...The Write Stuff...Suspense Sisters...Clean Romance Reads Cafe...Woman of Faith........just to name a few.

Michelle Griep said...

YES! Cross and Cutlass! The Write Stuff! Two more of my faves. I haven't heard of the others, though, so thanks for the recommendations, Chappy!

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