Friday, June 10, 2016

Procrastinating Possibilities

"As soon as we realize that there is a difference between right now and what might happen next, we can move ourselves to the posture of possibility, to the self-fulfilling engine of optimism."

Everyone has a dream. What's yours? Maybe you've got a book inside you that you'd like to write "some day." Or you've always wanted to go to Italy but it's never the "right time." Or you want to run a marathon, restore a 1960 Mustang, take a cruise . . . whatever. The point is you have a dream, a goal, a possibility that you're not pursuing right now because you're too focused on the right now.

But what if you weren't?

What if you started moving toward that goal? What's a baby step you could take to put that dream in to the realm of possibility? Oh sure, I hear you . . . it's too expensive. You're too busy. There's a health issue or family problem or the future is just too uncertain to plan anything.

To which I politely blow a big, fat raspberry.

Stop procrastinating. Start some kind of movement toward that goal today. If it's a book, play around with titles or write a first paragraph. If it's a vacation, take one dollar and put it in a jar labeled with your destination. If it's a Mustang, go to the junk yard and pull off a Mustang logo from an old beater just to get the feel of it in your hand.

Reasons, excuses, fears, doubts, these thing will always be roadblocks to your possibilities. This is your official nudge to leap over them and go for it anyway. If you're brave enough, let me (and all my readers) know what your first step will be today.


Robin Mason said...

ohhhhh SO much yes!!!

chappydebbie said...

Nice kick in the pants. I will think on whatever my dream is an see what I can do to jumpstart it....first I have to figure out what it is.

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