Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Bookish Thanksgiving Activity

So after the food coma subsides this Turkey Day, what are you going to do? Stare at each other? Argue about Trump? Pull out a deck of cards and play Kings in the Corner for the bajillionth time? Sounds like you could use a new Thanksgiving activity, little cowboy, and have I got one for you.

Play Thanksgiving Lie-brary. Here's how it works . . .

1. Pick out 6-8 fiction books ahead of time. I'm using Thanksgiving-themed books. You can use whatever.

2. Read the title and show the book. Then give everyone a pencil and paper.

3. Each person writes down what they think the first line of that book ought to be. While they're being creative, you write down the actual title on a piece of paper. Then collect ALL the papers.

4. One by one, read each first line, instructing everyone to listen for what they think is the real first line.

5. Then read them again and have people vote on what they think is the real first line. Put a tally on each paper for the votes.

6. Here's how to score it: each person who guessed the correct first line gets a point. Each person who wrote a line that someone else voted for gets those votes.

7. Go through all the books, tally up the prizes, and give the winner a chocolate turkey.

If it turns out everyone really loves this activity, you can buy the actual game HERE.


chappydebbie said...

Not sure if this would go over too well with my clan. They would see it as homework. LOL

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