Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Finding Your Moxie

It can happen to the best of us. There you are, skipping down the center lane of the creativity highway, singing la-de-dah-de-dah all the way, when all of a sudden, BLAMMO! A Mack truck of criticism hits you at full speed. You're not just flattened. You're tiny splats of matter blown to kingdom come.  

How do you bounce back from that?

It's not easy to regain your confidence when you get a horrific review or suffer some scathing comments from an editor or agent. But it can be done and it must be done if you're going to survive as a writer. Here are a few ways to get your moxie back.

Take some time to really think about why it is you're a writer. If it's for the money or the kudos, then honestly this isn't the gig for you. But after some deep soul searching, if you feel like writing is the air you have to breathe, then it doesn't really matter what other people say. Glean what nuggets of truth you can from the criticism then move on.

Change of Pace
Instead of writing something for the direct purpose of publication, write something just for you. Just for fun. Something you can take risks with and love and pour your heart into without ever showing it to anyone. 

Shelve the People Pleasing
Not everyone is going to get your writing because it's art. Art is subjective. Writing isn't about being perfect. It's about writing. Period. And any comments about writing are opinions, not facts.

Consider a Mindset Shift
Turn that negativity into positivity by letting it spur you on to work harder, write better, and prove those naysayers wrong in the future. 

Without the willingness to risk criticism and embarrassment, you will never develop the writing skills you desire. Moxie is about attitude, and sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it. Be bold whether you feel like it or not.


Robin Mason said...

love the word MOXIE - but I gotta tell ya, it makes me think of the episode of Friends where Monica was making 'mocolate' cookies! (GAG)

Michelle said...

This is one of my favorite words!

chappydebbie said...

I must say, my friend, you have a lot of Moxie. That's one thing that I admire about you.

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