Friday, January 15, 2016

On Writerly Motivation

post by Michelle Griep
I was asked a question the other day, and interestingly enough, this time it didn't involve Pop Tarts. I know, right? Anyway the question was, "What motivates you to get up and write each day?"

Short answer: Coffee

Long answer: Honestly, this is a very strange question. What does it even mean? Do you need motivation to breathe? Does someone force you to put food in your mouth every day? Why would you need incentive to do something that you not only love but is as much a part of you as your big toe? Do you spend time thinking about your big toe? No, it's just there. It's you.

But I think I get it. Some days it is harder to get the ol' writerly motor moving. There is a cure for that though . . .  you have to write. It's what writers do. They write. Whether they feel like it or not. Granted, more often than not they feel like it, but even if they don't, they still put words on paper. I'm not saying all those written words are stellar, mind you. In fact, sometimes they're slices of stinky cheese. But the act of writing begets more writing, kind of like Star Trek Tribbles. Type one word, then another, and pretty soon you're rolling along, laughing maniacally while your fingers pound away.

The bottom line is that you don't need to wait to be motivated to write. You don't need to look for motivation like it's a package to be delivered by a FedEx fella. You just need to write.

So do it.


Robin Mason said...

yes!!! yes!!! yes!!! love love love this!!! i couldn't *not* write if i tried—and why would i? (try) "Do you need motivation to breathe?" e-zactly!!!! i stall a little bit starting a new story (second time now) and realized yesterday it's just a matter of getting into the story world—but once i'm there, watch out!!! #herecomesanotherone

chappydebbie said...

You know it's your true calling if you need no major motivation....and it shows in your books whether you enjoy writing or simply go through the motions. Have a great weekend.

Michelle Griep said...

Interesting point, Chappy: "it shows in your books whether you enjoy writing." Yeah. I hadn't thought of that, but when I read a well-crafted novel that takes descriptions to a whole new level, then yeah, I'd say that author was motivated internally by a love for the craft.

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