Thursday, July 28, 2016

5 Reasons to Self-Publish

When I first started writing, landing a traditional publishing contract was the only way to go if you didn't want the big stink eye or your name blacklisted. Self pubbing was for losers who clearly couldn't write well enough to attract the attention of "real" publishers.

My, my, my . . . how times have changed.

Nowadays it's the trendy thing to do. It's not a guaranteed bajillion dollars, but I know a few authors who are making some serious bucks. Money aside, though, here's some motivation for you to self-publish your really-well-written-and-edited manuscript.

5 Reasons to Self-Publish

Control of Content
This is a two-sided coin. On one side, you have the absolute freedom to write whatever you want to, address whatever issues you feel like the world needs to hear. You choose all the content, whether inside the cover or out. The flip side is that the editorial buck stops with you. Grammar. Flow. Plot. You are responsible for any glitches.

The Cover
I've seen some butt-ugly covers in my day, lots of them on traditional books and on those self-published. The difference is that the self-pubbers are shooting themselves in the foot because they have absolute control over how their book is presented to the public. Traditional authors are allowed some input, but honestly, not a whole heaping lot.

It's on Your Timeframe
The only deadlines for self-publishers are the ones you set for yourself. That means your turnaround time from start to finish can be 48 hours if you like...though I do NOT recommend it. But you don't have to wait for a publisher to get back to you with a cover jpeg or even to answer your email. The hourglass is in your hand and you can turn it over when you want to.

Either way, self-pubbed or traditional, you Mr. Author are going to have to market your book. I know. It sucks. You're a writer, not a salesman. But the bonus about marketing a story you've published is that you choose where the marketing hours are spent. You make the connections. You sell the book. And it makes sense because you're the one who's most passionate about your story.

It Gets Your Book Out There
If you wait around for a traditional publisher to offer you a contract on a silver platter, you might be waiting a very long time, especially in this current market. And so will your potential readers. But if you self-pub you can get your story up on Amazon lickety split.

So far I've only self-pubbed one book but it certainly won't be my last. If you're hesitant about giving self-publishing a whirl, here's a little nudge for you. Jump on in. The writerly water is fine.


Robin Mason said...

yup, yup, and yup! and i'm "out there" dangling like a spare participle!! but i'm out there! and i'm doing this thing and i'm loving it!!!

chappydebbie said...

I applaud authors who self-pub, because they are making their own decisions about what they write and not being 'told' what to do. One thing you put here, which is VERY important, is 'your really-well-written-and-edited manuscript'...the AND edited part. Too many self-published books can be ruined by not being edited.

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