Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Poetic Lesson

Lord knows we don't need yet another hipster populating God's green earth, but today, I am advocating for more poetry reading cool cats to delve into some Sandburg or Frost, especially if you're a writer. Why? Because reading poetry makes your writing better.

Top 3 Ways Reading Poetry Can Improve Your Writing

#1. Imagery.
Poetry shows an image to a reader, painting a vivid word picture the reader experiences. It shows. It doesn't tell. It leaves a lasting impression.

#2. Tight writing.
Every word counts in a poem . . . it should in your writing as well. In this culture people don't have time to read long, flowing descriptions, nor do they want to. Precision with words isn't just a lofty goal--it's a necessity. Less really is more.

#3. Rhythm.
A good story isn't just a tale; it's a piece of music inside the reader's head. Reading poetry gives you a sense of meter and pacing, which when carried over into your story writing, makes your story stand out above those that haven't used that technique.

Interested in expanding your poetic license? Here are a few places to start:
Poem A Day
Poem-a-Day: 365 Poems For Every Occasion
or snatch up any book by my all-time favorite Carl Sandburg.


chappydebbie said...

I used to read poetry a lot when I was in school...not so much lately. I just may hop over and check these out.

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