Friday, December 30, 2016

Ending the Year Well

In 24 hours we'll all be ringing in a New Year . . . but how will you be ending your old one? Make it count. Don't be a slacker.

I ended mine by plotting out a new novella that's first on the docket to write in the new year. Here's a blurb for THE GENTLEMAN SMUGGLER'S LADY.

When a prim and proper governess is called home to her ailing father's bedside, her ship is ravaged by smugglers and her heart captured by the leader of them all -- the local lord of the manor. It's within her power to reveal the gentleman's secret . . . and within his to cast her out of town.

A huge thank you to all the faithful readers out there in the blogosphere. You make Writer Off the Leash worthwhile. There will be some upcoming changes to the blog in 2017 so stay tuned.


Southern-fried Fiction said...

I can't wait to begin reading this!!

chappydebbie said...

Sounds wonderful! Can't wait! May God bless you in the New Year!

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