Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Pep Talk

It's always a bit daunting to start a new year. There are so many possibilities -- and so so many areas that could possibly go haywire.

And that's how it feels to sit down and write a book . . . which is exactly what I'm doing today.

Never fear, though, because I've got a handy dandy pep talk for you (and for me).

Just Write
Forget about writing an epic. Just tell the best story you possibly can because honestly, that's all you can do.

Ditch Perfection
Newsflash: your words aren't going to be perfect. Neither are your characters or theme or anything, actually. You're not perfect, either, so open up your fingers and let go of that myth.

Realize You're Not Alone
There are plenty of other artists out there creating art. Writers writing. Painters painting. Dancers dancing. They all struggle with the same sense of doubt and fear that you do. You are not alone in this land of inadequacy.

You Do You
It's okay to write like you do. You don't have to tell a story like your favorite authors because you are not them. Pound out your words because that's what the world needs to hear.

Cherish the Journey
No matter where you're at on the writerly journey, from pre-pub to multi-contracted author, be thankful for where you're at right now. It might be different 6 months from now, for better or for worse, so live in this moment. It's the only one you're guaranteed.

This year make it your goal to be an encourager to someone else, not a degrader of self.


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