Monday, March 13, 2017

Perseverance is Key

"The last click someone clicks before they buy something isn't the moment they made up their mind.
. . . We lay clues. That's what it takes to change the culture and to cause action. The thing we make matters (a lot). But the breadcrumbs leading up to that thing, the conversations we hear, the experiences that are shared, the shadow we cast--we start doing that days, months and years before."

Do you ever wonder why? Do doubts ever creep in that what you're doing really isn't doing anything? What good is a blog post? A Facebook update? Or a tweet, a gram or sending out a newsletter? Sometimes it feels like you're just spinning your wheels getting nowhere.

I'm here to tell you that you're not.

Every little thing you do matters in the grand scheme of things. Sure, one little tweet might not sell any books (or whatever it is you're trying to get the word out about). But it's not about that one little tweet. It's a collective. It's keeping your product, your name, your persona out there. Over time -- sometimes lots and LOTS of it -- those things start to build up. You never know who you're influencing, and in fact may never know, but that doesn't mean you're not being an influence.

So hang in there. Keep doing what you do. Eventually it will pay off. When? I don't know, but I do know this . . . if you quit then you'll never succeed.


Gail Helgeson said...

Oh boy...I deactivated my facebook page! Not going to lie... I love the privacy! I know. I know. Eventually I will have to come out of my cave! But I must finish what I have started and facebook is a distraction. For the next month or so, no social media. Sometimes the reprieve has to happen. At least for me!! I need time to read more. I LOVE Out of the Frying Pan. I want to know which chapters you wrote! I'm trying to guess...Ha! So good. You were made to write. Cant wait to have you sign my copies! Blessings BFF.

chappydebbie said...

Hopefully, my tweets and FB shares help authors like you least a little.

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