Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Voice in an Audiobook

Yesterday I was sent an audition for the audiobook version of Out of the Frying Pan. While I love the fact that my book will be available in yet another format, I don't really like audiobooks. They never sound like I hear the characters in my head . . . which makes me completely incapable of being a valid judge for the voice talent doing the audition.

But it did get me to thinking about how voice talents work. Here's what I discovered ~

1. Start listening to audiobooks.
Hear how other people narrate. Listen to the various styles. Listen to all genres.

2. Practice.
Before you try going pro, practice reading many different books to anyone who will listen. Okay, so not many people are, but good news . . . LibraVox is always looking for volunteers to put books in audio format for the blind.

3. Study.
There are actually voice coaches you can hire or workshops you can take to really polish up your voice.

4. Make a demo of your voice.
A great place to do this is at Audiobook Creation Exchange.

5. Give it a whirl.
Lest you think this is an easy gig, the competition out there is fierce. Be prepared for lots of rejections.

That's it in a very tiny nutshell. Here's a short (5 minute) video that goes a bit more in-depth from someone who is a voice talent:


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