Monday, March 28, 2016

Creative Websites for When You're Not Feeling Creative

post by Michelle Griep
Is anyone else out there currently in a sugar coma? Wow. Do I regret that last chocolate bunny I shoved in my mouth. Needless to say, the ol' create-o-meter needle is barely jiggling above zero. So, what to do when you should be writing but your brain is in a fog? Play around on goofy-butt websites, of course. And here are some fantastic time wasters for you to try out . . .

Sweet mercy! Do not visit this site if you have an addictive personality because this place can hook and reel you in. How's that for mixed metaphors? Anyway, this site let's you create music by dragging beats or melodies or sounds into different players. I made some awesome music and I'm not musical. Give it a whirl. It's super fun.

Blues Maker
This is another musical site but with a twangy shade. Create your own blues song. Really, all you do is click the choices and it creates it for you. It bills itself as being "for those days that everything is so messed up, that all you have left is the blues."

Ball Pool
You know those germ-laden ball pits at Mickey D's? Yeah, this is a LOT more sanitary. Go ahead. Play with the balls no matter what your weight or age.

Screaming Beans
Umm. Well. The name kind of says it all. At first you may look at this site kind of like a train wreck, unable to turn away, but then it changes into hilarious bean smashing fun.

Ball Droppings
When you were a kid, did you like playing with those marble games where the little ball rolls down wooden rails until it finally lands? This is kind of like that but the balls make music as you draw the lines for them to travel on.


chappydebbie said...

That Screaming Beans is annoying. I just wanted to squish those little buggers. The Ball Droppings can be quite addicting.

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