Tuesday, March 1, 2016

If Books Were Photoshopped

posted by Michelle Griep
We've all seen them. Models that look way too good to be true, their perfect bodies godlike, all thanks to photoshop. It got me to thinking . . . what if there was a photoshop for books? With just the click of a button, what might an average book be morphed into?

Covers so eye-candy-alicious that you'd have no choice but to slap down your credit card and buy the dang thing immediately . . . then take it home and frame it.

Characters would not only leap off the page, they'd grab your hand and become your BFF.

No typos or grammar gaffs. Actually, the type on the page would be a piece of art in itself, the white spaces and shape of the paragraphs creating a masterpiece that would make Picasso weap.

Rollercoaster plots that twist and turn and eventually come full circle, leaving the reader breathless . . . and all without feeling like throwing up.

A story so compelling that no matter how horrific life circumstance may be, you'd be completely transported to a different, refreshing and revitalizing world, returning you to deal with your problems with an entirely new perspective.

Think I'm being unrealistic? Maybe, but not any more so than those swimsuit babes on magazine covers that make me feel guilty whenever I'm in the checkout line. Which reminds me, I think I'm out of Chunky Monkey.


chappydebbie said...

Your books already leave me breathless. And I don't even feel like throwing up after reading them. *wink wink*

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