Monday, February 29, 2016

Important vs Urgent

"What would have happened if you and your organization, instead of working on today's crisis, built something worthwhile for tomorrow?"
Let's reword that quote and make it writing related . . .

"What would have happened if instead of working on today's crisis, you wrote something worthwhile for tomorrow?"

Answer: You'd have made progress on finishing your book.

I know. I hear you. "But crises happen!" Of course they do, but I suggest you redefine what exactly constitutes a crisis. If you want to be a writer, you have to write. Labeling the broken washing machine or the car you need to run in for an oil change or the trip to the accountant to get your taxes done as being crises means that you won't set aside time for writing.

Here is today's assignment, class: write down your definition of what a true crisis is. You get a pass on writing for true disasters, but other than that, set aside what may very well be important for the urgency of your writing dream.


Robin Mason said...

is it cheating to say that recovery is although not a crisis, most urgent in my life just now? i was not prepared for how tired it leaves me! LOL in my defense, i'm almost 3 weeks post-op now and i have poked at my MS a couple of times...

Michelle Griep said...

Oh honey, surgery IS a crisis. Feel how loose the rope is? I'm cutting you some slack.

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