Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Don't Overlook Your Neighborhood Art Institute

post by Michelle Griep
Book Tours . . . who knew?
I'm not normally the type who haunts the hallowed halls of art institutes, oohing and aahing over a Degas or Rembrandt. I figure glancing at Instagram once a day is good enough.

But today I visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts at the request of author/buddy Julie Klassen. Who knew that besides paintings and relics, the institute offers Book Tours? Well, apparently Julie did.

Every month a different book is featured. This month's selection was Emma by Jane Austen. Here's how it works . . .
Author Julie Klassen

The group meets at an appointed time. It's free. Turns out this is quite the event because there were about 5 or 6 docents at the ready. We joined a group of about ten people. Our docent led us from painting to painting, relating how either the topic or the era of the art tied in with Emma, Jane's story about a matchmaking busybody who thought rather highly of herself. The tour culminated in a period room that was decked out as if Emma herself lived there.

I don't know if all art institutes do this type of thing, but it's worth checking if yours does. It was super interesting plus there's usually a nearby coffee shop to start and end your tour.


chappydebbie said...

There's no Art Institute near me, but I will share for those who are near one. :-)

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