Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Timeline of a Traditionally Published Novel

post by Michelle Griep
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Curious about how long it takes for an average novel to hit the shelves from idea to finished product? I'm a pretty average author, so here's a timeline of one of my new releases . . .

July 2014     Came up with the idea for a new story
                    and wrote a synopsis.
Sept. 2014   Pitched the idea to a publisher at the
                     ACFW Conference.
June 2015    Heard from the publisher -- who's
                    offering a contract. Woohoo!
July 2015     Receive contract and start writing the
Sept. 2015   Fill out paperwork for cover art direction.
Dec. 2015    Receive first peek at cover and give
Jan. 2016    Receive final of cover art but am not free to reveal it until February.
Feb. 2016    Full manuscript is due.
Mar. 2016    First round of edits.
May 2016    Second round of edits.
Sept. 2016  Receive a box of author copies.
Oct. 2016    Release.

So from idea to shelf it took 2 years and 3 months. Think about that next time you whip through reading a book in a marathon overnight binge.


Roseman_Stan said...

Wow Michelle. I had no idea how long a cycle this is!! This looks like a great book, I will have to get a copy soon.


Michelle Griep said...

Yeah, it always takes longer than you think, eh?

Southern-fried Fiction said...

It IS a great book and I just pre-ordered a copy!

chappydebbie said...

Wow, makes me want to seriously slow down in my reading from now on.

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