Monday, May 2, 2016

How Age Affects Reading

Post by Michelle Griep
Because you are all above average readers and highly intellectual, you probably can guess the answer to this . . .

Does age affect reading?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes, we have a winner. Age does affect reading, but how? Here are a few interesting statistics:

  • Women over 45 years old are 15% more likely to finish a book than the average reader.
  • Readers under the age of 35 are 10% less likely than the average to finish a book.
  • Older readers buy a significant number of young adult titles.
  • The age group that reads the most (averaging 13 titles a year) is tied between the 30-49s and the 50-64s.
  • Younger readers (ages 16-29) most often read to research topics of interest. Older readers (30+) read for pleasure.
  • Younger readers read their eBooks on a cell phone. E-readers are the device of choice for those older.
  • The library is used by younger readers more frequently instead of older readers.
Which one of these statistics surprised you the most? Personally, though I'm one of those who loves YA, I thought that perhaps I was an anomaly. Guess not.

Does that mean I can take off my freak badge now?


Robin Mason said...

methinks the last one, the library statistic, most surprising. and although you didn't ask, the under 35's being less likely to finish a book saddens me. actually, anytime someone doesn't finish a book, it saddens me

chappydebbie said...

Although e-readers are nice, I still prefer an actual book to hold.

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