Friday, August 5, 2016

Meet Katie Morton

Writer / Author / Storyteller
And now for something completely different . . . drum roll, please, and an excessive amount of clappy-clappiness as I welcome a former student of mine to Writer Off the Leash.

Meet the awesome Katie Morton!

Back in seventh grade, my writing teacher assigned a short story essay over spring break. Since I loved writing stories, my mind went wild with the idea of a princess, caught up in a war, who had to flee her home when her country was attacked. I wrote the essay, submitted it, and then tucked away the idea. 

A year later, I discovered a fiction novel writing contest for teenagers hosted by a small publishing company. The prize would be publication of the winner’s novel. I immediately jumped at the idea, as I had always wanted to be a published author. I began searching my story ideas for the perfect novel plot, and stumbled upon my 7th grade writing class idea. There was my story! 

I took that summer to write my manuscript, and then submitted the final product to the contest. Weeks later, however, I was crushed to find that the contest was canceled due to a lack of entrants. Even though that door closed, I still had a completed manuscript, and my parents and I still wanted to see it published. 

My dad began searching for a publisher who could publish me, and about two years later, he found WestBow Press, a publishing company that would turn out to be the one to turn my manuscript into a book. From there, my little story idea, started all the way back in a seventh grade writing class, blossomed into a published novel. My dream of becoming a published author had come true!


When King Maurice of Alandar launches a surprise attack on her kingdom, seventeen-year-old Princess Lorelle—crown princess of Aundria—is forced to flee for her safety, leaving behind her country and her beloved parents King Norman and Queen Isabel.

She escapes the fortress and boards a ship traveling across the Jasmin Sea to the beautiful island of Julinar. On the journey, she meets Sir James Wellington, a young knight who will stop at nothing to protect her. Yet even hundreds of miles away from the fray, she is still not safe from the dangers and horrors of war. As Alandar closes in on her, Lorelle must sacrifice everything to defend her country, find her way home, and fight for those she loves.


KATIE MORTON grew up filling notebooks with stories and ideas. Now a 19-year-old sophomore in college, one of those stories has been published as The Edge of Redemption, her first full-length novel. A lover of traveling and the outdoors, Katie splits her time between a home with three brothers in Minnesota and a university full of adventures in California. She is forever thankful for God’s love and grace. Catch her next adventure at


chappydebbie said...

Sounds like a book I could sink my reader teeth into....any student of Michelle's has to be a great writer. Nice to meet you and best of luck on your writing adventure!

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