Thursday, August 25, 2016

Writerly Wisdom From Ane Mulligan

Starting out the writer's conference with my crit buddy Ane Mulligan. Well, that and a glass of wine, but let me tell ya, sparkling moscato or not, this author is a powerhouse of writing wisdom. Here's a nugget from Ane . . .

God whispers to our hearts
and our hearts whisper back in stories.

She'll be teaching a workshop on critiquing. Here are a few highlights: 

To find a good critique partner, start by joining a few groups. You won't click with everyone in the group, so pay particular attention to those you do. Then start building relationships with a select few. You have to trust your critique partners and that takes relationship building.

Don't be afraid to partner with someone who's at your level of writing. You can grow together. You don't need an established author, you just need to find someone who's serious about the craft. Finding mistakes in others work is a step to spotting it in your own.

Iron sharpens iron. It's truth given in love. Push each other for the best work possible. 

Like what you heard? There's more. Check out Ane's blog at SOUTHERN-FRIED FICTION.


Southern-fried Fiction said...

It's always a special time when we can get together. Love you!

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