Monday, August 1, 2016

Movie or Book: A Story's a Story

I admit it. I watched 3 entire movies this weekend. Go ahead and call me lazy. But (and I've always got a big but) while my sluggish behind was parked in the back of a van (went to a drive-in) and a plush, extra-wide seat (because they all are at the theater), I was working by dissecting plots. No matter the format -- movie, book, spoken word, theater -- a story is a story is a story. Here's what I gleaned . . .


This movie had so much potential. With an opening sentence like that, you know exactly where this mini-review is going, eh? And if you've seen the preview for this animated film, you also know pretty much the entire story of this movie.

In a nutshell, this is a day in the life of two dogs, who are enemies. They end up getting lost and have to work together to get back home. It's always good to stick two incompatible characters together, so on a basic level this story totally works. Kids will love it because there's a certain amount of butt sniffing and potty humor.

But where it fails is to engage the adult half of the audience, which is a must for today's market. Not that it has to be raunchy humor, but at least something super witty or sarcastic to hold a parent's attention.

Should you go see it? Nah. Wait until it's out on video.


How many Bourne movies are there now? 72? 83? It seems like it. Actually, I loved the first two in this series, but now the story is just tired. This one has your requisite car chases, fight scenes, and assassinations.

The premise of the story is that Jason Bourne is suffering from flashbacks of when his father died. Wrestling that demon gives him no peace. . .until he finds out who did it, because clearly revenge will give him peace. Wrong-o, bucko. Which is what he semi-figures out by the end I think???? Not really sure. Yeah, there's that much non-disclosure leaving you hanging at the end, and not in an oh-my-gosh-can't-wait-to-see-the-next-one kind of way. More like I-am-so-done-with-Bourne.

This plot is a fail because there's no grander thing, no more glorious ideal, that Bourne is reaching for other than revenge.

Should you go see it? Nah. Not even on video.


It's a rare plot that has me wondering what the heck is going to happen. This is one of those rarities. The story is about a family that's chosen to live off grid in the forest. The mom dies in a hospital and the dad and kids go to the funeral. Two words: culture clash. Big time. And that's all I can tell you without giving anything away.

What I liked about this movie was coming away with a lot of thoughts. What's the right way to raise kids? How much culture is too much? Why do we blindly follow without questioning?

Should you go see it? Well . . . allow me a disclaimer. If "F" bombs make you cringe or full-frontal nakedness (not gratuitous) makes you blush, then no. Or if you're a Christian who's easily offended by opposing viewpoints, then stay away.

Otherwise, this is a thought-provoking movie that will stick with you for awhile and cause you to examine your core beliefs.


chappydebbie said...

Is this Bourne movie the newest one, or the one with that other actor in it, instead of Matt Damon? Bummer if it's the newest one...I was looking forward to another Bourne movie with Matt.

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