Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Now is the Time

When people find out I'm a writer, I usually get one of two responses . . .

#1. Can you get me an autograph from Ted Dekker or Francine Rivers or Fill-in-the-blank-favorite-author?

#2. Oh, I've got a book idea that I'm going to write, too.

To which my response is . . .

#1. You'll have to do your own stalking. Ted, Francine and Fill-in-the-blank all have court orders against me. It probably had something to do with the flamingo pants I was wearing at the time. 

#2. Really? What's stopping you from writing that book right now?

To which their response is . . .

#1. A slo-mo gasp of horror followed by a quick, "Geez! Is that the time? Gotta run."

#2. "I'm too busy right now."

Obviously #1 is tied-up in a neat bow and there's no more to discuss. But #2 . . . ahh, number two. You better believe I have one more response left in me for good ol' numero dos.

Here's the deal -- if you have a book you want to write, then write the dang thing. Do not wait until you're retired, your kids are grown, you have enough money to live off of, the planets are all aligned, whatever. Just do it. Now.

Life is short. There are so many people in my life who are currently battling cancer, facing their mortality, unsure how many days are left. Yes, that's sad and depressing, but guess what, Hoss? Every single one of us is going to die and we don't know when. The only breath you can count on is the one you're breathing in right now. If you have a dream of something to accomplish in this life, now is the time.

Don't let fear stop you from writing if that's a dream of yours. Will you get it published? I don't know. Will you even finish it? Beats me. You might fail spectacularly. But that's not the point. You will never know the satisfaction of pursuing a dream if you never try.

So here's your official wake up call from me to you . . . go hard after your dreams today. You're not guaranteed a tomorrow.


Robin Mason said...

annnnddd... BAMMM!!! or as Nike says, just do it!!! YASSS

chappydebbie said...

I love your 'say it like it is' way of teaching. 2 thumbs up!

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