Thursday, October 20, 2016

Feeling Creative is a Myth

“Have no fear of perfection, 
you’ll never reach it.” 
~ Salvador Dali

In order to meet my deadlines and fulfill my contracts, I have to write 5 days a week, without fail, sit my rumpus in a chair and pound out a chapter a day.

What's your response to that?

Usually I get, "But what if you don't feel like writing? It's not like you can flip a switch and turn on creativity, right?"

Well . . . to some extent, that's true. I personally don't have an on/off switch on any of my body parts. But yes indeedy, you can write and/or create without feeling particularly creative.

How does one accomplish this? By kicking perfection to the curb. If you put off writing until a flow of perfectly awesome words comes to mind, you'll never finish a manuscript, because here's the deal . . .
Writing isn't about perfection.  

It's about getting words on paper, and that has nothing to do with "feeling" creative. Pry your grasping fingers off that myth and slap them on a keyboard instead. Today is the day to create, whether you feel like it or not.

What? You're still here? Go. Write.


chappydebbie said...

I have no doubt that you will get your books done on time....just keep that rump planted and write on!

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