Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Write a Book Review

Reviews are starting to roll in for Out of the Frying Pan and The Captive Heart. 99% of them are awesome but a few are meh. It's the whiny ones that make me crazy.

So today, let's have a little refresher course on how to write a proper book review, shall we?


Whether you love or hate the book, say why. Details are important. Just make sure you've got your details straight and accurate.


The best reviews are engaging to read. Make comparisons. Use powerful verbs and word pictures.


You're going to look like an idiot if your logic is whacked. State cogent reasons for why you feel a certain way about the story.


Save your snark for the IRS. Writing a book is dang hard so keep that in mind when a novel doesn't meet your expectations.


If you're going to write about the climax of the story, be respectful of those who haven't read it yet. Always add in "Spoiler Alert" if you're going to reveal important information.

And sweet mercy, ALWAYS edit your post before you submit it.

Most of this is common sense, folks. Authors need your reviews so don't be afraid to write them. Just make sure to apply the golden rule to your words.


chappydebbie said...

Hopefully my review of The Captive Heart is good enough.

Michelle Griep said...

Darlin', your reviews are always spot on!

LeAnne Hardy said...

Good points, Michelle. I'm going to pass this on to my readers.

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