Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Care and Feeding of an Author

It's a rough and tumble world out there. Authors get beat up all the time. Rejection from editors and agents. Scathing reviews. Paper cuts. Yeah. Wicked awful.

So if you have a favorite author, there are some things you can do to encourage that writer to keep on writing. Here are some ideas . . .

One of my readers made some memes with quotes from my latest release and she's posting them on Facebook (shout out to Susan Gibson Snodgrass).

Drop your author a personal note. Doesn't have to be long. Just a simple "Hey, love your writing. Thanks for making the world a better place."

Tweet a shout-out about the author and one of their books, don't forget to include a link to Amazon.

Here's a thought... pen a hand-written note of encouragement. You'll have to ask the author for his or her address, but more often than not they'll give it to you.

Pray for that author.

Buy the author's books and give them away as gifts.

Write and post reviews.

Those are just a few ideas. Feel free to share some of yours in the comment section.


Roseman_Stan said...

You are always in my prayers Lady Michelle. We got your new book The Captive Heart in the mail Tuesday afternoon. I gave it to my wife as a gift. She started reading it right away. I asked her what she thought so far just before we turned in for the evening. She told me it was a good read and hard to put down so far. I was glad to hear that and thought you would be as well. You are a fine writer and your pen is guided by the Lord. Fine work Michelle.

Gail Helgeson said...

Yep...what Stan said!

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