Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Much History is Under Your Belt?

I had a fan-freaking-tastic Launch Party for The Captive Heart last night. Huge shoutout to Community Grounds for hosting the event. Awesome coffee and awesome people.

Besides lots of free-flowing coffee, I gave guests a chance to take a Colonial trivia quiz to earn some chocolate. Think you would've earned one? Here's the quiz . . .


1. In the 17th century, under a ‘headright’ system in the American colonies, a person received a grant of land in a colony for:
A. Ministerial Service                        C. Settling There
B. Military Service                             D. Political Service

2. What is the term for citizens enrolled as a regular military force but called into active duty only in an emergency?
A. Cavalry                                          C. Militia
B. Brigade                                          D. Infantry

3. What was the name of the state created in 1786, which lasted for only four years?
A. State of Franklin                            C. State of Adams
B. State of Madison                           D. State of Jefferson

4. What was the predominant church in the colonial South?
A. Congregational                              C. Quaker
B. Church of England                         D. Presbyterian

5. Who founded the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations?
A. Roger Williams                              C. Thomas Rogers
B. William Rogers                              D. John Brown

6. The Wilderness Road was the principal route used by settlers traveling from the East to Kentucky. Who is credited with blazing out the Wilderness Road in 1775 through the Cumberland Gap?
A. Meriwether Lewis                          C. William Clark
B. Daniel Boone                                 D. Davy Crockett

7. During the years immediately preceding the Revolutionary War, Virginia claimed and extended its jurisdiction over a part of which other state?
A. Maryland                                       C. North Carolina

B. Tennessee                                      D. Pennsylvania

8. What modern-day military organization was formed in 1790 as the Revenue Cutter Service?
A. United States Marine Corps         C. United States Navy
B. United States Merchant Marines  D. United States Coast Guard

9. The Declaration of Independence has 56 signers. Which state had the most signers?
A. Massachusetts                             C. New Jersey
B. Virginia                                         D. Pennyslvania

10. Which of the 13 English colonies was founded by religious dissenters?
A. Rhode Island                                  C. Connecticut
B. Massachusetts                               D. New Hampshire

Got it? Here's the answers:
1. C    2. C.    3. A    4. B    5. A    6. B    7. D    8. D    9. D    10. A

How did you do? Don't worry. I don't expect you to ace it. Regardless of your answer, you can still enter to win a signed copy of THE CAPTIVE HEART.

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Deirdre Lockhart said...

Congrats. Gorgeous cover. Fun quiz. Luv your bio! 😉😁😄

Robin Mason said...

I didn't totally stink at the quiz....

chappydebbie said...

Okay, I flunked that quiz. Bummer. I'm sure if I were there that you would have still given me some of that chocolate.

Michelle Griep said...

Actually I didn't make guests have to reach 100% to earn chocolate. Only 50%.

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